Need to know 22,000 words to cover 96% of Japanese. Need to know 5,000 words to cover 96% of French


日本語では、96%をかるためには、22,000語、りますが、フランス語ではわずか、5000語で96%をカバーできます。 これはすこしふる資料 です。しりょう 








必要です→要ります、簡単(かんたん)ではないでしょう→易しくはないでしょう、 :-( まだまだだ


There is a word, the coverage rate of vocabulary. That is indicated by  percentage, which shows what percentage of a language you can understand, if you know exact number of the vocabulary. You have to know 22,000 words if you want to understand 96% of Japanese. In French, just 5000 words cover 96% of French. Take a look at this data.

(This is a little old data).

Why so many words you need to understand Japanese? I think that is because of the high power of Kango for making new words. What do you think?

Therefore, I thought the coverrage of the vocabulary in Japanese will be high if we recongnize about this and try using more Wago till the word gets popularity, the rate will be higher. But it seems not to be so easy.

It is said that there are many hononyms in Japanese. This also relyes on the power of Kango. It would be fun to make new words and there was a necessity when a new word was made, but it might be good exercises of your brain that you think the possibility of Wago usage instead of using Kango.

Thank you for reading my awkward English. I think the simple English writing is better for those who are not English native speaker, since there are thousads of languages. And I can not write perfect English sentences, maybe forever.


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