Japanese-English dictionary of Manga de Go Go nihonGo!! Vo2.1-1


Verbs are shown by purple. Both masu-form and dictionary form are shown, and the masu-form is more polite.
Adjectives are shown by orange
Particles are shown by green
Other parts of speech are omitted so as not to confuse you.

The translated words are carefully chosen to be appropriate to the context of original sentences.

Dialogue Vol.2-1-1

Tanaka:  Hajimemashite. Tanaka desu.
Hajimemashite. Guon desu.
E? Won san desu ka.                                          
Iie. Won dewa arimasen. Guon desu.
Chuugoku no kata desu ka.                                  
Guon:      Iie. Watashi wa Betonamujin desu.
Aa soo desu ka. Achira no kata mo Betonamujin desu ka.
Guon:      Hai. Chan san desu. Gakkoo no tomodachi desu.

Tanaka:  How do you do? I'm Tanaka.
Guon:     How do you do? I'm Guon.
Tanaka:  Huh? Are you Mr. Won?                                      
Guon:     No. I'm not Won. I'm Guon. dewa arimasen.
Tanaka:  Are you from China?                              
Guon:     No. I'm Vietnamese.
Tanaka:  Oh, I see. Is that person also Vietnamese?
Guon:     Yes. She is Chan. san desu. She is (my) schoolmate.    


 English  Hiragana
 first  appeared
 place in  which  content

 small  category                             one point advice
Hajimemashite.  How do you do?  はじめまして  初めまして  manga  2-1-1  
 Tanaka    たなか  田中  manga  2-1-1  Japanese family name
 desu  is, am, are (polite form of be-verb)  です    manga  2-1-1  
 e?  huh?  え    manga  2-1-1  
 san  Mr. /Ms.〜  さん    manga  2-1-1  "(first name) + chan" is used for chirdren. Adults use  "chan" for their friends and family to express intimacy.
 ka  ?  か    manga  1-1-2  
 iie  no  いいえ  manga  2-1-1  
 dewa  arimasen
 negative of "desu"  では ありま  せん    manga  2-1-1  "ja arimasen" is also used very ofen.
 chuugoku  China  ちゅうごく  中国  manga  2-1-1  
 kata  polite word of  "a  person"  かた  方  manga  2-1-1  always you need to put some word before this word,  like kono/sono/ano, etc
 betonamujin  Vietnamese  ベトナムじん  ベトナム人  manga
 2-1-1   The country name and people will be updated soon.
 aa  ah!/oh!  ああ    manga  2-1-1   expression of mild surprise
 so, like that
 そう    manga  2-1-1  I see.: Soo desu ka. This "soo" is the usage of discourse  deixis. ko-so-a-do words

"Aa soo desu ka." is pronounced with falling intonation.
 achira no  kata  polite word of  "the  person over there"  あちら    かた  あちら  manga  1-1-2  "ano kata"which means that person is also used very  often. See ko-so-a-do words.
 mo  also, too, as well as  も    manga  2-1-1  
 hai  yes, that's right  はい    manga  2-1-1  used for an answer when your name is called.
 no  the marker of  possesion  の
   manga  1-1-1  
 gakoo  school  がっこう  学校  manga  2-1-1  
 tomodachi  friend  ともだち  友達  manga  2-1-1