Japanese-English dictionary of Manga de Go Go nihonGo!! Vo1.1-1-5


Verbs are shown by purple. Both masu-form and dictionary form are shown, and the masu-form is more polite.
Adjectives are shown by orange
Particles are shown by green. Particles are always written by only Hiragana. 
Other parts of speech are shown by black.

The translated words are carefully chosen to be appropriate to the context of original sentences.

Dialogue Vol.1-1-5

Konbini no onigiri

neko:  ??......ichi, ni, san......
Hoosooshi: 1 o hiitekudasai.
Hoosooshi: 2 to 3 o hiitekudasai.
Hoosooshi: Tabetekudasai.

A riceball sold at convenience store

cat:  ??......one, two, three......
wrapping paper: Please pull (the part of) 1.
wrapping paper: Please pull (the part of ) 2 and 3.
wrapping paper: Please eat..



 Romaji  English  Hiragana
 first  appeared
 place in  which  content

 small  category                       one point advice
 konbini  convenience store  コンビニ    manga  1-1-5  a shorten word
 There is not the sound of "V" in Japanese sound  system. [b] is used in place of [v].
  no  posession marker   の    manga  1-1-1  
 onigiri  riceball  おにぎり    manga  1-51-5  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onigiri
 1, 2, 3  one , two, tree  いち、に、さん  一、二、三  manga  1-1-5  
 o  direct object marker
     manga  1-1-1  hiragana is "を", not "お"

 to pull  ひきます
 manga  1-1-5   
 (   ) o  hiitekudasai  Please pull (   ).
 manga  1-1-5  verbal conjugation
 Strictly speakimg, the underlined part is not a verb.
 A to B  A and B  A と B      1-1-4  
 to eat   たべます
 manga  1-1- 5
 (  ) o tabemasu/taberu
 Please eat.  たべてくださ  い  食べてくだ さい  manga  1-1-5