Japanese-English dictionary of Manga de Go Go nihonGo!! Vol.1-1-3


Verbs are shown by purple. Both masu-form and dictionary form are shown, and the masu-form is more polite.
Adjectives are shown by orange
Particles are shown by green
Other parts of speech are omitted so as not to confuse you.

The translated words are carefully chosen to be appropriate to the context of original sentences.

Dialogue Vol.1-1-2


kyaku: Toriaezu chuunama.
inu:    Gochuumon wa?
neko:  Toriaezu kudasai.
inu:    E? Toriaezu wa arimasen.
neko:  Dewa chuunama kudasai.
inu:    Chuunama wa arimasu.


customer: Medium size draft beer for now, please.
inu:         May I take your order?
neko:       "for now", please.
inu:         ? We do not have "for the present"
neko:       Well then, I will have a medium size draft beer.
inu:         We have a medium size draft beer.


 Romaji  English  Hiragana
 first  appeared
 in which  content

 small  category                       one point advice
 izakaya  Japanese style bar  いざかや  居酒屋  manga  1-1-3  You can get alcohol and light meal there. Many bussiness  person dop in Izakaya after 5:00.
 toriaezu  for now, first  of all  とりあえず  取り敢えず  manga  1-1-3  This word is used very often.
 kyaku  customer  きゃく  客   manga  1-1-3  
 chuunama  middile size draft  beer  ちゅうなま  中生
 manga  1-1-3  namachuu なまちゅう 生中 is also used.
 chuumon  order  ちゅうもん  注文  manga  1-1-3  gochuumon is a polite word of chuumon
 go/o + noun -> polite word.
 kudasai  please give me  ください  下さい  manga  1-1-3  (direct oblect) o kudasai. o is often omitted when you  order or buy something.
 eh? What?  え    manga  1-1-3  =What did you say?
wa arimasen   we/I do not have〜  〜 ありま  せん    manga  1-1-3  we/I have 〜: 〜wa arimasu.
This "wa" has the meaning of contrast.
 well, then
   manga  1-1-3  not でわ