English-Japanese dictionary of Romaji Nihongo Happy-go-lucky file 05

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The translated words are carefully chosen to be appropriate to the context of original sentenses on the "Romaji Nihongo Happy-go-lucky".

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The tytle of this article: <
A Merry Christmas to you!>

 English  Romaji  Hiragana
 first  appeared
 in which  content


                  one point advice
 A Merry  Christmas!
 Merii Kurisumasu!
 メリークリスマス  home  A Merry Christmas to you

Christamas song  Kurisumasu songu
 Kurisumasu no uta

 home A Merry Christmas to you 
 my  watashi no  わたし 
 私  home A Merry Christmas to you 
 for you  anata  e  あなた   home the same as the above  a song for you : anata eno uta




the same as the above

I am singing : (watashi wa) utatteimasu.
                                       * te-form
 voice  home
Somewhere over the rainbow
 with  〜to issho ni
 〜 いっしょに
 〜一緒に  home A Merry Christmas to you   
 many  ookuno

the same as the above         
 subete no hito

 dare demo

 すべて の ひと


the same as the above        Listen everyone! : Minasan kiitekudasai.
                          "minasama" is more polite
 daredemo wa : wrong usage
                     "wa" never comes after "daredemo"

Topic marker, "wa" is not used with question words, such as when (itsu), where (doko), who (dare), what (nani), which (dore).  "ga" is used instead.
 Thank you.  arigatoo
 <- arigatou
 ありがとう    home the same as the above           
 Arigatoogozaimasu/Arigatoogozaimashita : polite
 become  happy  
 shiawase ni narimasu

 shiawase ni naru
 しあわせになり                   ます
 幸せになり            ます

 home the same as the above         Let's go! : Ikoo! /Ikoo yo!
 Let's eat! Tabeyoo! / Tabeyoo yo!
 Let's become happy! : Shiawaweni naroo!/                                              Shiawaseni  naroo yo!

                                * let's form